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About Us

Pushing the Boundaries of Mobile Gaming

Hey everyone, welcome to CryoCorp! We're a small indie team committed to bringing you the coolest graphics and gameplay right on your phones. We're extremely excited to drop our very first game, Unknown Descent. It's a shooter that's going to throw you into an incredible journey through a world full of mystery, challenges, and some seriously unique hurdles. We're all about crafting games that not only look amazing but keep you on the edge, and we can't wait for you to see what we've been pouring our hearts into. Prep yourself to dive into some of the best mobile gaming out there!

Our Games

Unknown Descent

Dive into a future where MegaCorps rule and the quest for power hinges on a rare energy source. "Unknown Descent" isn't just a game; it's an entry into a world where advanced robotics and fierce competition collide. After a catastrophic event at CryoCorp's Installation 08, the race is on to secure precious Energy Cores and groundbreaking tech. You command a Robot Runner Unit, navigating through treacherous ruins, outsmarting rivals, and uncovering secrets that could shift the balance of power. Ready for an adventure where strategy, survival, and technology intertwine?


Unknown Descent awaits.

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